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Wednesday, August 29, 2012

What to Wear?

A lot of clients ask: what should we wear for our family portrait?  While each family is different and unique, there are a few general guidelines that help coordinate a fabulous, put-together-look for the entire family:

(1)  Try to coordinate with the your location, choosing outfits that fit seamlessly with the environment and are comfortable for your family.  This ensemble could work well for a casual beach session...

(2)  Choose a 'key' piece/person and build the other outfits around the key.  In the photo below, the little girl's dress is the dominant print, so find a color palette that compliments this key piece.  Move on to the next person, let's say Mom, and choose this outfit.  Don't try to dress everyone at one time.  Instead, focus on each family member and incorporate their individual style with a common 'thread' throughout the outfits (your color palette - there's a helpful link on the right for finding color palette inspiration).  This would make a great option for a Fall family shoot at the park...

(3)  Take into consideration the type of portrait you want and your family's lifestyle ...  casual or formal?  quiet or BOLD?  A portrait is a representation of who you are, as individuals and as a family unit - be true to yourselves.  To me, this family is a bit formal but with great style and are not afraid to stand out in the crowd.  

Lastly, have fun!  And if it's get overwhelming call me for suggestions - or just keep it simple ... jeans and white shirts work well - let each person throw in an accessory to liven it up (a hat, hair band, scarf, jewelry, etc.) and you are finished!

Photo Source: Thanks to Corina Nielsen for the great clothing combinations!


  1. I never thought of dressing each person on their own. Thanks!

  2. So...did you put together these examples of family wardrobes or is it form a particular site? LOVE the red group.

    1. Thanks, Connie! A Google search for "What to Wear for Family Portraits" will provide THOUSANDS of samples. However, these particular combinations were posted by Corina Nielsen. :)

  3. Great tips! I'm always agonizing over how to dress my family!